A complimentary shuttle service will be provided by the Cougar Athletic Foundation Coug Guys & Gals. The service is available only for fans needing assistance. Shuttle services begin 3.5 hours prior to scheduled game times and will continue until kick off.

Shuttles resume their routes for one (1) hour following games. The frequency of shuttles is approximately every 20 minutes.

For further information on game day shuttles, call 1-877- IMA-COUG (462-2684).

Airport Shuttles

These shuttles will run approximately every 30-45 minutes prior to scheduled game times and resume for one (1) hour following games. Advance airport shuttle requests can be made by calling 1-877-IMA-COUG (462-2684) no later than 4 pm on Friday before the game.

Park & Ride

There are also free park & ride shuttles on game day. However, it is best for you to visit the Pullman City website and look for its latest Transit Info. This is because routes vary for every event held.

NOTICE: Public transport can frequently be busier than normal at times around major events at Martin Stadium. We advise you to plan accordingly! We recommend getting a taxi or Uber as the easiest and most stress free journey option – As they eliminate most of the problems with busier public transport and parking.



Martin Stadium,
1775 NE Stadium Way,
Washington 99164,
United States

If you are driving to Martin Stadium you will want to know about parking options available. Please visit the parking information page. Make sure you allow enough time prior to the event as traffic can often be busy.